Techno Bomber WiFi DMX

As we often do, the idealization of a new machine for special effects derives from the direct need of our clients, or, as in the case of “Techno Bomber”, from promptly intercept the possibility to bring innovation in a specific field.
We were partner of some important festivals known as “HOLI PARTY” where, inspired from ancient Indian traditions, the youth used to throw in the air some colored powder in order to exorcise evil through color celebration.
What we instantly noticed from the start, was the evident difficulty of the event planners to create a impressing and scenographic visual effect.
The powders where usually randomly thrown and arbitrarily, with poor results despite the effort involved by the different speakers.
Just having represented our product to “Festival Dell’Oriente”, one of the most important organizations of the sector, granted us the application to the reliance of special effects for the first scheduled event and then to the confirmation above all national tour as official partners.
As soon we immediately started the production of our new “Techno Bomber”, or rather our first Holi Party powders throwers in the world, they were ready to debut.

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With a facilitated front load (with included accessory), a throwing device with electric remote control, or DMX WI-FI (optional), rapid attachments for high pressure tubes and an operation with CO2 cylinder, “Techno Bomber” is the only system capable to create wide, strong and dense color clouds from a far distance. Also, the throwing dusts simultaneous detonation represents the signal to synchronize the audience.


The strong galvanized steel of the structure is exalted from the finish that constitute a single body of metal, bottom and epoxy painting fixed to the furnace making it indestructible and scratchproof in it’s recognizable Starlights original color.


We strongly recommend this attachment because it’s not only a simple led lighting system! It’s a truly scenography, that enriches your machine, making it “monstrously” catchy, attractive and catalyzing for your audience. Your clients will be pleased to host these special effects machine because whit their presence they will make the setting more modern and hi-tech (usually also supporting scenography and animation).
This feature ca be switched off at will


The Techno Bomber can be produced on request in the following versions:
– colors or aerography customizable
colors and logo customizable by the buyer
* These versions may require more shipping time than usual, extra charge may apply too (please be careful while buying).


High quality and production components all strictly made in Italy.
Cannon, rotation base and rapid grafts, high pressure tubes (sold separately per meter).

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AC 240V 50-60 Hz










High pressure 38” Gas fast connection


Over 20 meters


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