What can you do with holi powders?

With our incredible holi powders you can throw original, entertaining and engaging party and events. From an ancient and famous Indian tradition now to the west to celebrate joy, fun, carefree. Bring these powders to the crowd and the success of your event will be ensured!

Our holi powders guarantee a striking color effect and generate dense and full-bodied clouds with lively shades. They can be thrown by hand or with appropriate and professional throwing devices.

Non-toxic, hypoallergenicm and Up to standard

Certificated in Italy and Europe

100% eco-friendly

Safe and non-flammable

Safely washable

What our clients say about the product

“I bought several bags last summers for organizing some events for my seaside resort. The show was incredible, I'll do it again next season too”

Nicola Moneta

“I own a show agency and I always try to find new ideas to organize remarkable events. Some time ago I tried these powders, beautiful and spectacular!”

Corrado Ferragni

“The powder resulting effect is very stenographic, but I was skeptical because these materials usually leave non-washable wastes. Actually all came out perfectly” Actually all came out perfectly” 

Edoardo Florio

Products and machines

Are you an event planner, a retailer, or do you own an e-commerce?

Would you like to commercialize our holi powders by buying directly from the source factory?
There is a unique and profitable opportunity for you with product customization possibilities.